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Adventure Book - 10am Livestream Service

NEW - each week we will be creating a new section to add to your activity book. This is aimed for children to use during the 10am livestream service sermon. It will contain questions and activities/colouring for all ages to use. You can download and print from home. 

  • 9th August: Exploring 

      Adventure book: click here                                                                                                                                                                           

While we cannot meet together, we have a new wide range of online resources for all ages

  • Family worship 
Look above for weekly Adventure Books. 
  • Steppers (2-4yrs) 
Weekly video on our YouTube here, including a four part Lego Easter series.  Also weekly Zoom meeting on Sunday mornings. For brilliant craft ideas, click here
  • Trekkers (4yrs to the end of school year 2)
Click here to find songs, a Bible story video and worksheets. Now meeting fortnightly on Zoom, Saturdays 2pm.
  • Explorers (school years 3-6)
Weekly Zoom meeting will be happening at 9.15am. Contact the office for more info.
In Explorers over the next couple of weeks we are going to be signing Lift Up Your Voices by Awesome Cutlery. You can check it out here.
  • Jenny Lind Afterschool Club 
Weekly video uploaded to our YouTube here.
  • All Age Songs
Have a look at our YouTube playlist for All Age songs, click here.

Here are pictures from some of our new videos:

1 4

2 3


Children are very welcome to our services and we want you and them to feel welcome, and children are very much part of our church.

During our 9.30am Morning Service there are children’s groups and occasional All-Age Services. The children learn about the Bible, have fun activities, art and craft, stories and games. They join other children within their own age group:

Steppers 3
Steppers: ages 2 – 4
Trekkers: age 4 to the end of school year 2
Explorers: school years 3 – 6
Pathfinders: school years 7 – 9


Noah's Boat 

Baby and Toddler Group at Holy
Noah's Boat Toddler Group is on Mondays from 1.30pm-3.30pm in the Church Hall, Cambridge Street. Costs £1.
  • Singing
  • Toys and Play
  • Bible Story
  • Healthy Snack, Tea and Coffee
  • Warm welcome