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Infant Baptism and Thanksgiving 

If you've recently had a baby, congratulations! You're probably here because you want to see your child grow up to be follower of Jesus, or simply to bring the joy of that new life to God.

As an Anglican Bible-believing church, we offer Baptism (or "christening", as some call it), in which we celebrate the gospel promises of Jesus to your child, and declare the Christian faith and church membership in which he or she will be raised. That's both a serious and a joyful option, and it needs careful thought ahead of time.

Alternatively, you can bring the baby to church and we'll give thanks for his or her arrival and pray for you as a family together.  And we can make it special by involving any family or friends who will support your child as he/she grows, and support you, too.

Either way, do just come to church, and talk to one of the clergy afterwards. We'll then pick up the conversation with you and discuss what you think might be best.
Baptism and Thanksgiving services are all offered within the 9.30am service.

More information can be found on the Church of England website. 
For infant baptism: here 
For thanksgivings: here


We are delighted to celebrate the faith of those who have not been baptised before, and we can offer baptism, either from the font or in a baptism pool for full immersion. We are not able to "re-baptise" those already baptised, but there are various ways of making a recommitment moment really important and helpful for you.
We regularly participate in confirmation services when the bishop visits to confirm the baptised.

More information can be found on the Church of England website
For adult baptism: here 
For confirmation: here


The Church of England's approach to Holy Communion is very generous, welcoming those who come in repentance and faith in Christ as Saviour and Lord. Nonetheless, if you want to receive Holy Communion regularly, we do encourage you to be confirmed and prayed-for by the church.

More information on communion can be found on the Church of England website: here