Banns of marriage

A wedding in church is a legal occasion, as well as a spiritual one, and the system of “reading banns” is the way we ensure that an upcoming marriage will be legally valid. The banns are simply an announcement of the couple’s intention to marry.


Does one or both of you live in the parish of Holy Trinity?

Then you must have your banns read here.

Do you live in another parish (or other parishes), but intend to get married here?

Then you must have your banns read in each church.         

We don’t know the vicar of the other church(es) involved.

We can tell you who they are, but it is up to you to contact them. 

How do I get the banns read?

We ask that you complete a form, available from the church office.

When will our banns be read at Trinity?

On the second, third and fourth Sundays of the month before your wedding, at our 10am service.

Is that all we need to know about the legal side?

Normally, yes, although there are some circumstances that need special processes (e.g. involving non-UK nationals)

The Service

At the first meeting with one of our clergy, details of the wedding service can be discussed. You may like to choose a special Bible passage to be read - the clergy will give some suggestions if you need help in this.


The organist usually arranges to meet you both in church and give you help, if needed, in choosing hymns and music.


We will gladly suggest colour schemes and special arrangements for your special day.

More Information: You may find the national wedding website helpful as you plan: